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What the Fuck is my Computer Doing

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What the Fuck is my Computer Doing

Post by Kinalara on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:40 am

Ok so here's the thing.

Two days ago, my wifi cut out suddenly in the middle of the day. I restarted the router and modem three times- and each time had the same effect. I would connect for barely a minute, and then disconnect.

Upon checking my mother's wifi connection as well as the connections of my dad's and my phone- we find out my computer is the only one throwing a shit-fit. So in typical computer addict fashion, I proceed to to everything under the fucking sun to get my wi-fi connection working again.

I disconnect and reconnect, I restart the computer, I restart the router and modem AGAIN, I change my DNS connection, I reset my IP address- I do basically anything I or my boyfriend knows how to do.

So then we get to yesterday-- i've basically given up and decided i'm just going to have to deal with no net access until my new computer arrives on Monday. However, upon getting home from work last night- I started thinking it wouldn't hurt to try to connect to my hotspot and see if it's really my computer in general or just the house Wi-fi that's the problem.

I can connect to the Hotspot instantly- no incidents and barely any lag or general slowness. So I keep it on for awhile and dawdle around on the internet for the fuck of it.

Finally I decide to give my data plan a rest and turn my Hotspot off- which instantly reconnects me to the house wi-fi.

I don't touch it for approximately 20 or so minutes- deciding it's just still going to be fucked up.

After awhile, I notice that the little yellow caution sign isn't popping up on my wi-fi bars. So, I start opening sites and clicking around.

The Wi-fi fucking worked.

At first it was slow and kept losing connection to Facebook- but the wi-fi never totally cut back out. It was fixed.
I have no fucking idea how.

The wi-fi is still working this morning.

Is there anyone out there that can explain this bullshit to me because I am honestly so confused. This computer is supposed to go to my little sister after I get my new one, so I don't want to give her something fucked up. All I need to know is whether this is a computer problem, or a problem with the house's wifi in regards to my computer.

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Re: What the Fuck is my Computer Doing

Post by graywolfe42 on Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:50 pm

In general, if something like that only happens once(and I think it's safe to count all that as a single experience), it's a random glitch and not a big deal, so it should be fine to give to your sister. Just remember the fix in case it happens again.

I honestly don't know what's going on there, networking is my weakness. If I had to pull something out of my ass and guess, it would be that your laptop had something going on that either conflicted with your router or your router couldn't properly recognize your laptop for one reason or another. Like I said though, unless it happens again it's probably just a freak glitch.


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