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Dreams: When Your Mind Goes Rogue

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Dreams: When Your Mind Goes Rogue

Post by smallhours on Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:22 pm

Okay, let me preface this by saying that there were still weird random dream shenanigans going on between the memorable events, but for the most part my dream only had one major theme last night.

I was on a big farm, and I knew nothing about this farm aside from the fact that it's located in or near a place by the name of Casey. I also have no idea why the fuck I was there in the first place, because I had no relation to the family that owns it and no one else I know or would recognize were in the dream. For all I know those fuckers could have been holding me hostage.

Anyways, despite remembering glimpses of just random places around this farm, there are only two major events that I remember vividly. The first was interacting with the farmer's two daughters. These daughters were the worst type of young teenage girls, cause they worshiped Beiber and the Jonas Brothers but were very obnoxious about it. So I tried just lightheartedly teasing them about it, just trying to make the best out of this situation, but they took it super seriously and so I just like, walked away.

And by this point in the dream I'm just like 'okay get me the hell out of here, I'm done', so I appear briefly in my room watching some documentary about a woman who only has one year left to live and how she's living a fulfilling life now that she has such limited time, but then I'm quickly transported back to the farm for the second and final event of the dream. I'm on a horse in a pen. Dunno how I got there, or why I was on the horse. I certainly wouldn't have asked of my own volition to ride one, but I digress.

There was another horse in the next pen over, and he was going kinda buck wild so there was like a farmhand girl there trying to calm him down. There was also another guy riding a horse outside the pen giving the farmhand advice. I think it might have been the farmer or whatever. Anyways, they get the horse under control and then they both ride off to God knows where.

So here I am, just sitting on this horse that's just kinda milling about, eating grass, etc. but as time goes by, the horse starts heading towards the fence and I had the immediate feeling that it wanted to jump it, so I pulled the reins in the other direction doing the whole "woooooah" thing. The horse listens and we keep making laps around this pen.

Well, the next part was kind of sudden. There wasn't really any build up to it, little forewarning. The horse becomes filled with an ungodly horse rage, and suddenly I can read it thoughts, and it was just full of vile anger at having been left behind or some shit. I guess it had wanted to go with the other two, whatever. So this demon horse is now sprinting at full speed around this pen and taunting me while doing so.

The grass it was eating somehow turned into like a mud pit and there was just mud EVERYWHERE. So, finally it jumps the fence and starts jumping other fences making its way towards the pond. The only thought in my head when I realize this is 'oh fuck, my phone's in my pocket', and I wasn't about to take that monetary hit. So I jumped off the horse and woke up.



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