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Arielle Appreciation Post

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Arielle Appreciation Post

Post by Cecila on Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:22 pm

What she told me:  She caught me a mantis.
What I pictured:  A tiny mantis similar to Furiosa, the one I already have.
What I felt:  Excitement, because due to a few details it was likely male.  Maybe I could breed them!

What I got:  A 3 inch long Chinese Mantis

A totally different species, and a full grown adult at that

What this means:  I now have two different species of mantids, one of which is the largest species known to live in North America!

Thank you Arielle~!

(His name is now Manny.  Though I should probably double check to make sure he's male, now knowing his species.)

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