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Hatoful Boyfriend Fun Facts

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Hatoful Boyfriend Fun Facts

Post by Cecila on Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:44 am

Allow me to shower you in my fictional bird knowledge.  Nothing too spoilery, don't worry.  Just silly things.

  • Sakuya has massive respect for ninjas, and is generally just a total dork
  • Okosan claims to have laid an egg in the manga.  Only one taken aback was Sakuya.
  • Anghel's parents are fishmongers.
  • Shuu is colorblind.  Also has really poor vision overall.
  • In contrast, Yuuya's glasses are totally unnecessary and just for fashion.
  • The main character of the game is a close, personal friend of Death.  (Probably a joke to how you have to die to get all the endings.)
  • The Prime Minister of Japan is a Shoebill
  • "Brian the Pigeon" is a real blog
  • Okosan's Tatabana festival wish, in his own "language", means "I will definitely definitely become God"
  • The sequel, Holiday Star, is literally described as "a happy alternate universe in which none of the events of Bad Boys Love ever happened"

I may put up more, who knows?

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